ACBL Unit 380
Las Cruces, NM

Masterpoint Races

2018 - Ace of Clubs Winners

(Left to Right) Sharyn Shropshire(1000-1500), Paul Gettys(20-50), Ellen Schneider(200-300), John Linderman(1500-2500), Meg O'Leary(500-1000), Patricia S. Calhoon(5-20), Julie Reiser(50-100), George McCoy(100-200), Linda Spengler(3500-5000), Cliff Denton(300-500).

No shown: Joseph Fuller(0-5), Robert Vanekeren(2500-3500)

2018 Mini-McKenney Awards

(Left to Right) Paul Gettys(20-50), Eddie Gilbert(1000-1500), Roy Falck(3500-5000), Meg O'Leary(500-1000), Patricia S.Calhoon(5-20), Julie Reiser (50-100), George McCoy(100-200), Gail Vanekeren(1500-2500), Cliff Denton(300-500), Susan Oats(200-300)

Not shown: Joseph Fuller(0-5), Robert Vanekeren(2500-3500)

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