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Bridge Lessons

Bridge Lessons

A variety of classes are offered at the Belton Bridge Center and are divided into two primary phases. They are taught by a team of club volunteers and are free of charge. The classes all offer a "hands on" approach using actual boards developed to match a particular lesson or boards from the previous day's game. Anyone is welcome to come to any class any time. Drop in and check us out.

Presently beginner classes which cover Phase One topics for complete beginners and novices are offered :

Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:45

Presently intermediate/novice classes which cover Phase Two topics are offered

Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:45

Thursday classes, which focus on more advanced play-of-the-hand and special one-class seminars regarding bridge conventions or techniques are aimed at intermediate or advanced players and are held on a less regular basis. Check this space, or with one of the education coordinators below for confirmation of an upcoming Thursday class..

For information on the current schedule contact our Education Coordinators

John Randall at 786-338-5970

Cliff Denton at 575-523-2955

or the Belton Bridge Center at 575-524-3031

Phase One

Phase One is for beginning bridge players or those who learned bridge a long time ago and want to learn modern bidding. This phase focuses primarily on bidding via the Standard American System. It covers the basics of opening 5-card Majors, Minors, or No Trump. In addition, 8 conventions are taught: Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Take-out Double, Negative Double, Gerber, Blackwood, Roman Key Card 1430, and Strong 2 Club openings. (A nominal fee is charged for the material if you choose to keep it.)

Link to Phase 1

Phase Two

Phase Two assumes players are familiar with the material in Phase One. This phase explores play of the hand as well as rudimentary defense. It also includes a number of additional conventions such as The Strong Jacoby Trump Raise, Weak Two bids, Michaels, Unusual No Trump, and more.

Link to Phase 2

Hands on Lessons

Tuesday Phase One Class

Wednesday Phase Two Class

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