ACBL Unit 380
Las Cruces, NM


Play Bridge in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have stratified open games Mon. thru Fri. and the 2nd/4th Sundays starting at 12:30. In addition we have a 0-50 game on Tuesdays at 12:15 and a Newcomers 0-5 mini-game from 10:00-12:00 on Saturdays following a 9:30 lesson.

Advance signup is greatly appreciated. Your contacts are:

Mon./Thurs.--Dave Alllen: 575-635-6486 ............Tues./Fri.--Linda Spengler: 575-621-0997

Wed.--Barb Houseknecht: 575-523-5757 ...........Sundays--Susan Michelson: 575-649-6766

Saturdays--John and Linda Randall: 786-338-5970 or Dave Allen: 575-635-6486

The New 2018 Belton Center Board

Outstanding Member(s) for 2017

When Linda and John Randall arrived in Las Cruces in 2015 after living in Costa Rica for five years, the Belton Bridge Center got lucky. These two volunteers, who have earned the Volunteers of the Year Award for 2017, enrich the Club through teaching, increasing membership, and directing.

At their own expense the Randalls took classes to teach bridge newcomers in a program called, "Learn Bridge in a Day". They advertised the program, initially got a response of 60 people, and after the first day, they continued to teach, along with Dixie Binning, those who showed further interest in learning bridge. They then created a Saturday class for 0-50 pointers where a short lesson was taught followed by two hours of bridge. This year the Belton Bridge Center was second in the District in enrolling new ACBL members, in large part due to these efforts by the Randalls. But they didn't stop there. Linda and John also direct the second Sunday game, and were co-chairs with Evelyn Colson of the 2017 Unit 380 Sectional.

We congratulate them on winning the award, and thank them for their generosity and efforts in the growth of our club. Well done, Randalls!

January Birthday Cake

March Sectional

Plan ahead for the March 17, 2018 "Luck of the Irish" intermediate and Novice PAIRS sectional. Games at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

 Event Flyer

April Unit 380 Sectional

Las Cruces Unit 380

Down County Sectional

April 13th, 14th, and 15th 2018

Belton Bridge Center

 Event Flyer

Special Appreciation Award

A special award was given to Patsy Hackler for her role in leading Unit 380 to acquire and remodel the Belton Bridge Center.

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Belton Bridge Center (575) 524-3031

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